Working From Home Kits.

Let’s be honest, working from home is the safest thing for all of us to do at the moment. This has meant many businesses and teams have had to change up their working style, having their team spread out and connecting virtually. Work From Home Kits are designed to make this shift a little easier.

The Work From Home Kits are designed bespoke; they are far from one size fits all. Creating a tailored experience that makes the recipient feel appreciated and creating an element of surprise and delight is the aim, all while staying on brand and on message. These boxes are created to make this time a little bit easier for staff, management and businesses.

so how does it Work


So, how does it work?

First we set the aim, style, quantity and budget of your Work From Home Kits. Will this be more playful or serious? Will there be multiple small items or just a few bigger items? What are the colours and themes in the businesses branding? This is about creating an overall cohesive experience that makes a difference in their day to day.

From this, we then set parameters and organise the workload. My service is aimed to provide you peace of mind, that all you need to do is provide the guidance and recipients delivery addresses and I handle the rest. You will be provided a document that outlines a mood board of inclusions, as well as some budget guidelines, so you can make the best choice for your team. A small fee redeemable against your final purchase is part of this service, with the balance due when we confirm the order. Once we have a confirmation of all items you would like included, its up to me to source and purchase them, get them shipped to my studio and pack them ready to go out.

All there is left to do then is sit back, relax and look forward to the delighted faces of your team!

But i have questions


But I have questions…

The following aims to answer any of those burning questions you have when it comes to creating the perfect Working From Home kit for your business.
What is in a Working From Home Kit?2020-04-06T05:49:18+00:00

That’s the beauty of this, its completely up to you! Working from home is different for every business; this is about tailoring the experience not only to your business but also to the people that are receiving the kits. From planners to trackpants, coffee to custom items, the possibilities are endless!

How much does a Work From Home Kit cost?2020-04-06T07:12:13+00:00

The cost is purely dependant on what you include. Once we have discussed your style worked out the sorts of things you would like included, I then put together a mood board and cost guide that we both can work with based on your budget, quantity and overall aim. As a guide, the kit featured was approx $200.

Can I supply items?2020-04-06T07:15:23+00:00

Sure can! If you have particular items that your business sells or one of your partners sells, let me know and we can incorporate it. For simplicity sake, it’s advised that the cost of these be factored into the budget. I also have a range of businesses, services and contacts in different industries that I can call on to be included. Think of it as a physical collaboration, with benefits for all.

I’m worried about contamination.2020-04-06T07:18:20+00:00

Your staff are working from home and so am I. I’m not in a big office or warehouse and am socially distancing (isolating) when these are packed. All the deliveries are contactless and my hands are the only ones that pack each box.

How soon can we get these kits to my staff?2020-04-06T07:21:10+00:00

So from the planning stage, generally 1-2 weeks is expected, depending on how many different items we include and how long they take to get to me. I’m based in Kensington, Melbourne, so most metro deliveries can happen super quick. I can also do international and interstate deliveries, so everyone can be included.

Do you have minimums?2020-04-06T07:22:41+00:00

The general minimum for Working From Home Kits is 10, but it gets cheaper unit cost wise the more you order. I’m happy to provide a few different quotes based on varying numbers, just ask!

How does payment work?2020-04-06T07:25:51+00:00

To begin the sourcing and planning stage, a $200 deposit is required, which is redeemable against your final order. This is to cover time and research costs. Once we know the items required and quantity needed, a 50% payment is required up front, with the balance due prior to the first kit going out. Unfortunately, we cannot accept 30-day accounts.

I would like to customise each kit, is that possible?2020-04-06T07:27:29+00:00

Hell yeah it is! We can add names or create a personal element in each box, but please note this does take extra time and will incur an extra fee. This will all be outlined in the moodboard and budget presentation.

The Why

The Why.

Why send out WFH Kits?

Supporting your team and maintaining connections with your staff and other businesses is really important. This COVID crisis is only for now, and while its happening, showing you’re still there has never been so relevant.


  • Trackpants/Apparel

  • Planner or Goal List
  • Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Vouchers for Audio Books
  • Headsets or headphones

  • Conference Call Bingo
  • Quarantine Cocktail List
  • Isolation Achievement Stickers
  • Comfort Food
  • Branded Items
  • Anything we can dream of!


How have I helped?

“It’s a strange time for people and businesses. At GoCardless, we wanted to send something that conveyed we understood the world has changed but we’re still here working towards BAU.

And Jaz nailed it. She got our brand and what we needed to say. She pulled the project altogether flawlessly in a period of constant change while being flexible so we could incorporate our customer’s products. We are delighted as to how these personalised working from home kits have turned out and so are our customers. ”


“I received the gift box today. It’s exceptionally well done. Clear branding and messaging and a lovely reveal moment upon opening.”


“Thank you Jaz for always creating something “outside the box” for all our brand work, we always love what you create and look forward to continuing to work with you.”




Let’s create some magic.